Angles-Only Navigation Research

    • Military Fellow at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
    • Invented angles-only navigation technique for spacecraft proximity operations with non-cooperative targets
    • First known maneuver-free & unassisted solution for angles-only navigation
    • Applications for space situational awareness & optimal trajectory planning
MIT Space Systems Lab Download Dissertation

National Space Strategy & Policy Papers

    • Recipient of the William S. Sims Award for top graduate in the College of Naval Command and Staff at the U.S. Naval War College, June 2018
    • An End to Enmity? An Examination of the Sino-U.S. Space Policy
    • Statecraft and the Space Economy
    • From Exclusion to Inclusion: Reformulating the U.S. Space Policy on China
    • Nowhere to Hide: A Rapid, Crowdsourced Solution for Global Space Situational Awareness

Enhanced Orbit Prediction Research

    • Applied Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser (KAM) Theory to predict the evolution of non-conservative perturbing forces on Earth orbits
    • Advanced KAM torus orbital models evaluated with GPS data from the International Space Station
    • Eliminates special and general perturbation paradigms by representing orbits on tori in 6-dimensional phase space
    • First to demonstrate that perturbed motion near KAM tori is predictable
Advised by Bill Wiesel Download Thesis

A Foundation for Leading Change

    • Student Body President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (top hat tradition)
    • Pioneered beam energy propulsion technology with Dr. Leik Myrabo to lower the cost of accessing space
    • Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Detachment 550

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